The evolution and reinvention
of the orthotic

Interpod was established in 1999 by Australian Podiatrists. The Company focus is to provide the Medical Industry with effective prefabricated foot orthotics using design features which are supported by independent University Research. Current research shows that symptoms result when the stress from various activities placed on the leg and foot are beyond that which they can tolerate.

The role of an effective foot orthotic is to reduce that stress to a level where the damage done to the tissues no longer causes pain to the patient. Using an Interpod prefabricated orthotic removes any potential manufacturing error, the orthotic is available for immediate use and it is a proven clinical option to an otherwise expensive custom made orthotic.

Orthotic and Insole Products

  • Research

    International Universities explain how Interpod orthotics reduce your pain

  • Biomechanical Tests

    Foot posture can cause pain – learn to choose the most suitable orthotic for you

  • Videos

    Learn to fit, prescribe an evaluate orthotic prescription with Senior Lecturer Craig Payne